Zara provides investment advisory services on your entire portfolio consisting of assets like equity, debt, precious metals etc.Our basic advisory process given stepwise is as follows:

Step 1 Risk profiling: Involves the  need to formulate an updated risk profile, which takes into account your current life situation and goals, after doing an elementary exercise of determining your risk tolerance (age , experience etc that determines your risk  taking attitude) and your risk capacity ( horizon , goals versus amount of funds etc, ie the ability to take risk ). The risk profile is like the constitution of a country that determines what you can or cannot do, if you want to reach your stated goals while being reasonably comfortable with the risks undertaken.

Step 2 Determining asset allocation: The outcome of step 1 is an appropriate allocation in various asset classes, and within asset classes , appropriate exposure to sub asset classes as per risk assessment ( for example within equities a highly conservative risk  profile would entail being exposed primarily to large capitalisation equities , while a higher risk profile should preferably take multi capitalisation exposure).

Step 3 Benchmark determination: Taking the process further, we will be able to choose an appropriate bench mark to help evaluate each asset class performance in your portfolio in terms of desired risk and return goals. 

Step 4 Security selection: This would involve picking securities within your asset allocation basket and in line with your risk profile, to generate reasonable returns with a margin of safety.

Step 5 Tracking and reviewing: Tracking is done (without liability of Zara) on a third party automated and security certified online platform having minimal intervention while allowing you to update any changes carried out by you. This ensures you and your advisor are on the same page at the same time, making reviews and suggestions transparent and quick.

Zara’s aim is to be on the client’s side of the line, by bringing deep knowledge of a business/ security to bear on the portfolio and avoid conflict of interest situations( by not offering execution of deals). This is possible due to better analysis of available information, and not privileged access to information (that borders on insider information).

If you are in sync with our investment philosophy and you have more than Rs. 1 crore (10 million) of liquid assets (equity, bonds, fixed deposits, etc), for which you seek advice, you may call on us or you may perhaps want to save till you reach that level, where following our advice would be worth your time and our efforts. If you need help to reach there, write to us we will be happy to educate you on the easiest and cheapest path to saving a decent sum, after all, Zara Investment Advisory is committed to bringing about a more prosperous society through education and wealth creation.