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“Why are equity markets still up?” – November 2022

“Don’t Fight the Fed!”- June 2022

Analysis of Union Finance Budget “-February 2022

“Future Possibilities”-January 2021

“Being risk-aware”- July 2020

“The most expensive market in the world.”-January 2020

“Unconventional Monetary Policy and its certain failure.”-August 2019

“Bullishness or bearishness is not the point. We aim as much to create wealth, as to preserve it” – June 2019

“Election results and its implications for investors.”-May 2019

“Are you searching for a multi-bagger investment?”-February 2019

Investment committee /team size”-May 2018

 Indian equity market: examining the sources of return”– March 2018

“On Opportunities hidden in plain sight”-January 2018

Government rescue of banks and its impact”-November 2017

“Demonetisation, GST, the possibility of demand slowing down, NBFC’s and other issues”-October  2017

“The Indian equity market & our strategy”-May 2017

“Are you taking investment advice from the market?”-March 2017

“Investing lessons from three generations of a family”– December 2016

“Investing in funds: the possibility of creating an investment edge” Part II-November 2016

“Investing in funds: the possibility of creating an investment edge”-October 2016

“Risks in the Indian equity market”-July 2016

“Risk and return: marriage of convenience?” & “State of markets”- December 2015

“Investment edge through risk management”-November 2015

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